The Holy Spirit

A Biblical Study

Jack Cottrell

The Holy Spirit

A Biblical Study

Jack Cottrell

End product we are happy with

YouPublish has helped us take on the huge task of transitioning over 100 of our titles from traditional printing to print-on-demand, plus redesigning 11 of our top sellers. They have been flexible when we have needed to change the timeline on some of our projects. Also, they have responded well to feedback as we work together to create an end product that we are happy with.
Angela Blethen

Services We Provided

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The Publishing Story: The Holy Spirit

College Press came to us to redo their book The Holy Spirit by Jack Cottrell. This has been one of their top-selling books over the years, and they wanted to get a new cover and do new typesetting for a general refresh.

Specific Services We Provided

We helped with:

  • Project management
  • Interior design and typesetting
  • Cover design
  • eBooks

The book had callouts, study guide sections, and endnotes, and one of our challenges was working with the College Press team to get the old PDF into an editable format so that we could redesign it. But they worked with us, and we got it into a great format.

We reconfigured the callouts to just three per chapter instead of five. We are happy with where we landed, and the College Press team was too.

The cover was also a challenge given the complexities of depicting the Holy Spirit, but our design team did a great job making the cover look sharp but not too vague.

The Holy Spirit was republished August 10, 2023.

We appreciate Angela Blethen’s kind endorsement: “They have responded well to feedback as we work together to create an end product that we are happy with.”

More About the Book

From the back cover.


Growing in Christ is neither our activity nor the Holy Spirit’s activity alone, but a partnership—our responding to and allowing God’s Spirit to lead us and empower us. Paul writes, “I labor, struggling with all His energy, which so powerfully works in me” (Col. 1:29).
As the energizer of your faith, the Holy Spirit wants to bring you into a transforming relationship with the Father and to empower you to live an obedient, God-honoring life. Allow God’s Spirit to lead, strengthen, and transform you.

With so many different views on the work of the Holy Spirit today, Dr. Jack Cottrell has written a clear and succinct study of what the Bible teaches concerning God’s Spirit. In ten concise chapters, the reader will be guided through Scripture as Dr. Cottrell removes decades of misconceptions and provides us with a clear understanding of what the Bible actually says.

This resource is designed for personal or group study with discussion questions included at the back of the book. May this study help you reflect the power and presence of the Holy Spirit!

DR. JACK COTTRELL (4/30/1938–9/16/2022). With a lifetime of integrity, faithfulness and scholarship, he gave us decades of teaching, 28 books, an 18-volume collected writings set, and numerous magazine articles and individual chapters in books, with 12 of his books translated into 13 different languages. This legacy will continue to serve believers seeking to follow Christ every day.