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 Design a great cover and typeset your book through our services, which include graphic design services, layout design, typesetting, eBook formatting, and more.

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Book Cover Design

Book cover design is the process of making an attractive book cover that represents the content of the book and draws in readers.

Why hire a graphic designer who specializes in cover design?

Every graphic designer could create a run-of-the-mill front cover, but not every graphic designer can create a beautifully designed cover for your book. It takes a professional book cover designer to create an excellent book cover—front, back, and spine.

Our trained team of cover designers will apply industry knowledge and best practices to give you a top-tier book cover that draws in readers to read your book.

How does the cover design process work?

Our cover-design process begins in one of two ways: 

  • We give our trained cover designers your manuscript and let them create a cover from scratch, or 
  • We capture your vision for the cover and commission a cover design to make your vision a reality.

Typically, for full-scope projects we offer four to six cover options from which you choose your favorite cover. We allow for a round of minor revisions on your favorite covers before the decision is final.

After your front cover is finalized, we help you write the back cover copy that teases potential readers to read your book. We send you our guide that was formed from our experience in book-selling to help you capture the essence of your book. And then we edit it for you to make sure it’s perfect.

Once that’s created, we send it to the cover designer, who creates the back cover and spine—and now your book is ready for print.

What do you get?

A beautiful, unique cover for your book. You’ll walk away with a JPG of the front cover and a PDF of your full cover (front, back, and spine) that you can use to list, market, and promote your book anywhere and sell it around the world.

Interior Book Design

Interior book design is the process of creating an attractive print-ready text file in PDF format, which is used to print your book and put into eBook format. This involves typesetting and often other graphic design skills.

Why hire a professional typesetter?

Typesetting is the process of getting your book’s content into a print-ready file.

Not every graphic designer can typeset a book; it’s a specialized skill that must be learned. Typesetting is a skillset that requires training, experience, and knowledge in order to complete with excellence.

Our team of specialized graphic designers will typeset your book with excellence and according to top-tier book publishing standards. 

What’s the difference between your friend and a professional designer of books? It’s the difference between entry-level and next-level.

How does the typesetting process work?

We work with authors to help them get their manuscript ready for publication. Through our “manuscript submission checklist,” we know exactly what’s required in the industry—from the copyrights page to the about the author section—in order to publish your book.

Once your book manuscript is submission-ready, we apply the branding of your book’s cover to the interior text file so that it looks like a cohesive product.

After we’re finished typesetting, you have an opportunity to give us feedback and make any final corrections before we send it to print.

What do you get?

A beautiful, top-tier text file to send to the printer. With our book design services for creating text files, you don’t have to worry about whether it will look good when it’s in your hands. We’ve done our homework, so you don’t have to. Rest easy and look forward with confidence to getting your first round of author copies sent to your doorstep.

eBook Formatting

Most authors and publishing companies get stuck while formatting their book for Kindle and other e-Readers. It’s not simple to create an eBook that looks great and functions properly without errors. So don’t waste your time trying to figure it out on your own. 

Our book design team has figured out how to format books for eBook distribution for Kindle and other e-Readers. We code each book to proper specifications, check the formatting, and run an error report so it comes out clean when its listed for distribution. 

Add “eBook” to your scope of services so you can offer a digital version of your book for all e-Readers. You’ll get the appropriate Kindle and other e-Reader files that are common on all devices.