Book Editing Services

 Hone your content with our book-editing services, which include proofreading, copyediting, and developmental editing.

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Why Hire an Editor?

Every author’s voice deserves to be heard, but they need the help of an editor who can clarify and amplify their message.

You’ve written your book, but now it’s time to hone your content. That’s where an editor comes in. Great writers edit their own books, but having a professional editor takes your book to the next level.

Our team of trained and certified editors will help you publish a book with excellent editing.

Our Approach to Editing

After you, the author, decide on the level of editing assistance you want, a member of our trained editorial team goes through their manuscript, tracking every change. This ensures the author remains in full control of every editorial decision.

Once we’re done editing your book, you get the chance to approve or reject changes, respond to comments, and make any additional changes.

Your project manager will personally guide you through the whole process—in detail—so you don’t have to guess what’s next.

After the editing process is complete, we send the manuscript to our typesetting team, who gets the text file ready for printing.

The Four Levels of Editing

We offer four levels of editing, which are available à la carte to get your book ready for publication:

1. Developmental Editing
Chapter-level editing for structure.
This can also be called a manuscript diagnostic.

2. Macroediting
Paragraph-level editing for concepts.
This is the most in-depth editing we offer.

3. Copyediting
Line-level editing for grammar.
This can also be called line editing.

4. Proofreading
Word-level editing to correct errors.
We catch typos, errors, and blatant mistakes in this process.