Sermon on the Mount

40 Days of Learning the Ways of the Kingdom

Jeremy Bacon

Sermon on the Mount

40 Days of Learning the Ways of the Kingdom

Jeremy Bacon

Excellent to work with

As always, YouPublish was excellent to work with as they helped bring what we were envisioning to reality.
Daniel McCoy

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The Publishing Story: Sermon on the Mount

The editorial team at reached out to us to work on Jeremy Bacon’s book Sermon on the Mount, an accessible and enjoyable 40-day study of Jesus’ most well-known sermon.

Specific Services We Provided

We helped with:

  • Project management
  • Interior design and typesetting
  • Cover design
  • eBook formatting
  • Copyediting and proofreading

Sermon on the Mount was published October 12, 2023.

We enjoyed working on such an approachable book that breaks down complex theology into easy-to-understand and applicable take-aways.

Our editorial team truly enjoyed the wisdom they gleaned from reading this book. Our design team enjoyed the challenge of developing a cover that matched’s unique branding.

We appreciate the kind endorsement of Daniel McCoy, the editor at “They helped bring what we were envisioning to reality.”

More About the Book

From the back cover.


“I eventually had the devastating realization that, after growing up as a preacher’s kid, getting a bachelor’s and master’s in theology, and doing a short stint in professional ministry, I had only waded in the shallows.” — Jeremy

Have you been wading in the shallows of Christianity? When longtime Bible student Jeremy Bacon began seriously studying the Sermon on the Mount, he found his tidy worldview exploding.

In the Sermon on the Mount, street-level wisdom and prophetic declaration collide. This sermon forces you to decide whether you’re going to remain part of the crowd or step out in faith and be a devoted student of Jesus.

Choosing the way of Jesus means more cost—and more reward—than you ever would have guessed. Sermon on the Mount is a forty-day discipling resource that walks you through the ways of Jesus’ Kingdom. Will you respond to the call to go deeper?

“A model of how biblical exposition ought to be done.”

JOHN WHITTAKER, adjunct professor of New Testament and creator of The Listener’s Commentary

“A down-to-earth conversation that will instruct and inspire you to live the blessed life of a kingdom disciple.”

RICHARD A. KNOPP, executive director,; author of Truth About God

“Jeremy Bacon hasn’t just studied the Sermon on the Mount; he’s fought to live it. Jeremy has built his house on the rock (Matthew 7:24), and this book can help you do the same.”

MATT PROCTOR, president of Ozark Christian College

JEREMY BACON lives in Central Illinois with his three amazing kids. He has a bachelor’s and master’s in theology, which is not super-useful in the retail job he’s worked since 2006. He’s hoping it will come in handy once his kids are grown and he runs off to do Bible translation somewhere.