Great People Know Great People

Create a Powerful Business Referral Network of Great People

Alex Giannetti

Great People Know Great People

Create a Powerful Business Referral Network of Great People

Alex Giannetti

I am thrilled at the finished product

Chad and his team coached me through the entire process. I went from a guy with an idea to a published author. I am thrilled at the finished product and cannot say enough about my experience.
Alex Giannetti

Services We Provided

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The Publishing Story: Great People Know Great People

Alex Giannetti is a real estate agent, and he wanted to take everything that he’s learned about networking and put it into a book. He contacted us for help bringing it to life, and both Alex and our team were thrilled at how it turned out.

Specific Services We Provided

We helped with:

  • Project management
  • Interior design and typesetting
  • Cover design
  • eBook formatting
  • Author coaching
  • Macroediting, copyediting, and proofreading

To start, we connected him with one of our author coaches, and he spent 12 weeks working with that coach to both get the rhythm of writing and figure out exactly what he wanted to say. By the time he went through coaching, Alex had an incredible outline and two great chapters.

At every level of editing, Alex gave it his all, and he turned out a very concise, punchy book that can give him a leading voice in his industry.

Great People Know Great People was published August 18, 2023.

We enjoyed working with an author who was both passionate and humble about the book he had inside of him, and we loved watching Alex discover his skills as well as his message.

We appreciate Alex’s kind endorsement: “I am thrilled at the finished product and cannot say enough about my experience.”

More About the Book

From the back cover.


As an introvert and networking beginner, author Alex Giannetti made every networking mistake possible. Now, with fifteen years of experience and thousands of networking meetings under his belt, he offers Great People Know Great People to help the networking entrepreneur master their networking skills.

Entrepreneurs don’t get networking training, which makes relationship-building their biggest challenge. As a result, they get fewer referrals and often lose faith in networking altogether. This book will help everyone from the networking novice to the experienced entrepreneur to improve their networking skills.

Great People Know Great People will equip readers to confidently walk into their next networking meeting with the proven skills to navigate networking interactions, deliver a powerful and effective thirty-second commercial, and brand themselves as a subject matter expert, all of which will lead to networking with a powerful group of great people.

“This is the networking bible you’ve been waiting for.”

Al J. Marschke, owner and founder, BluMars Media

“Great People Know Great People is a must read for today’s college students, entrepreneurs, and professionals.”

Tricia Pritchard, director and faculty member, Butler County Community College

“Practical, fire-tested advice that will empower you to level up your skills.”

Mike Hatch, author of Manhood: Empowered by the Light of the Gospel, and chapter president for Truth at Work, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“This book is a must when looking to network in the professional world today.”

Kelvin Mack, director of marketing and membership, Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

ALEX GIANNETTI is the president of Christian Business Partners, Inc., and a Realtor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He holds a BA in Business and Communications from Liberty University. His passion is coaching others in business networking, personal finance, and biblical discipleship.